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Aziz Abdulah

Aziz Abdulah

Amazing service. Their success manager was very communicative about this first service. RJ came with a mask, executed with swiftness. He cleaned up after himself, wasn't awkward, and faded me exactly the way I asked. If you're considering using this service, just try it once. He came, he cut, he finished. Thank you StyleQ!
Tristan Plahmer

Tristan Plahmer

Outstanding friendly service! Stephanie, my stylist, was very helpful and professional. The travel feature was super helpful as the stylist will come to you, and you can get your haircut at the comfort of your home. I will definitely be back. Thank you for the awesome service!
Matt Kemper

Matt Kemper

I had a great haircut experience with this group. Great price, and it was done safely at my house! Will highly recommend for others to try this out.